National 1800 (freecall) phone numbers

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Toll Free 1800 business phone number serviceTOLL-FREE

1800 numbers are free to call from any fixed phone (and from 2015, any mobile) in Australia. Not only do 1800 numbers provide national coverage, they eliminate any economic barrier to customer contact. 

Flexible 1800 business phone number toll free service FLEXIBLE

When your business grows or relocates, your CallStream 1800 number will too. CallStream makes it easy to have incoming calls ring any landlines or mobiles you choose, anywhere in Australia.

National 1800 business phone number service NATIONAL

Promote one phone number in every region. Offer your customers a single Australia-wide point of contact. Then use CallStream's features to send calls to a local branch, based on time of day or caller location.

why get a 1800 business phone number

Why should you choose a 1800 number?

1800 freecall services are provided entirely at the service operators' cost. This means all call charges are paid for by the business or organisation, on behalf of the caller. The charges will vary depending upon call origin and call length. Consequently, 1800 numbers are often more expensive to operate than 13 or 1300 numbers for small businesses.

For larger businesses, a 1800 number can be an effective way to create community goodwill and encourage customer interaction. It is common to see freecall services offered where customers cannot control the length of their call, especially for helpdesk lines.


CallStream 1800 numbers are an affordable way to enhance customer service




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