National 13 and 1300 phone numbers

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National 13 and 1300 business phone number service NATIONAL

Skip the cost and complexity of having various local numbers on advertising and company stationary. With a CallStream 13 or 1300 number, you can promote one phone number throughout the country.

Professional 13 and 1300 business phone number service PROFESSIONAL

13 and 1300 numbers create the right impression, even before customers pick up the phone. Regardless of your business size or location, you can present a 'big business' image to clients and customers. 

Flexible 13 and 1300 business phone number service FLEXIBLE

CallStream 13 and 1300 numbers work independent of your location.  Even if you relocate from Sydney to Cape York, calls will continue as normal. So you can move your business address and keep your phone number.

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What is the difference between 13 and 1300 numbers?

13 and 1300 phone numbers have a few small, but important differences. 13 numbers are shorter (just 6 digits) and as a result, can be more memorable. However, 13 numbers attract an ASIC tax. This often makes 1300 numbers more cost-effective for SMBs.

Regardless of whether you choose 13 or 1300, it will help you connect with customers throughout Australia. A 13 or 1300 number means that no matter where your business is located, Australian customers can reach you for the small price of a local call.


CallStream 13 and 1300 numbers are affordable for even the smallest business




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