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Today, it's easy for even the smallest business to build a global customer-base through the internet. But how can international customers reach you? CallStream makes it possible provide 1:1 phone service to foreign countries.


CallStream International Toll Free numbers allow you to promote a direct freecall '0800' number for every country you wish to service. This allows customers to reach you for free, no matter where their call originates.

PlaceholderEASY TO SETUP

CallStream International Toll Free numbers do not need specialised setup. Incoming calls will ring the Australian landlines or mobiles you choose. Call charges go through CallStream so you have the convenience of a single bill.



How does it work?

CallStream has commercial partnerships with a range of Global telecom providers. There is no need to search for an international call connection service. CallStream seamlessly connects international incoming calls with your Australian landlines and mobiles. Just pick up and answer as normal.

International toll-free numbers are different around the world. CallStream can provide your organisation with an international number for each of the international countries you wish to service. 

  • CallStream international services are currently available for '0800' calls from New Zealand


Service and call rates differ in each region of the world. Contact CallStream for a customised quote.




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